BLW- Baby Led Weaning

So we have been weaning a while now a taste here and there of different foods and textures. We took it slow due to his stomach having been operated on at 3 days old. We wanted to make sure that he was going to cope with the new food. And I can safely say he loves it! Takes after his dad this boy does, eats pretty much anything that is put in front of him.

We started off on purees and yogurts and we soon moved on to foods that he could pick up himself, carrots, sweet potatoes, toast basically anything soft enough of him to suck on...  

This is the fun stage, I love making food for him to try and seeing how to reacts with them. Whether that's throwing it or actually eating it. I would suggest buying a play mat or sheet to put under their high chair much easier to clean! Though we have a dog for that.

I would love to hear your weaning stories or even some recipes!

7 Month Update.

Archie turned 7 months on Tuesday (my boy is growing up). I want to start doing these updates as something that I can look back on and that you might like to read.
He weigh's nearly 14lb and is finally wearing 3-6 months! I know he is tiny little bugger. We still co-sleep but it is getting less and less, he tends to sleep in his cot from about 8pm till about 5am. Then comes into bed with us. I find myself being woken up by little fingers pulling my hair or taking my glasses off.
What I can do..
  • He can say Dada and sometimes Dad, depending on how loud he can shout. Which is really bloody loud!
  • He can roll from front to back, back to front. Its typical that they learn new things while in bed. He went to bed unable to this and surprised us when we round him asleep on his front.
  • We are slowing getting there with sitting up. At the minute he does an amazing impression of his dad when drunk. Swaying, arms flaring around trying to steady himself.
  • When he decides to he can hold a bottle and have his milk, this is very rare as he is just as lazy as his father...

What I like..
  • Strawberries, this boy cant enough of them. I cannot eat them without his hands shooting up trying to grab it.
  • Baths! He is a water baby. As soon as he gets in the water his little arms and legs splash about. Covers me and his dad but as long as he is having fun.
  • His Jumperoo. I have talked about this toy before, but he LOVES it. As soon he wakes up his little legs are bouncing and looking towards it. Its Finding Nemo, who doesn't love Finding Nemo!
  • Archie Loves his dad. I'm gonna have to try and film his reaction. But my husband works long hours and his little face lights up when he sees his dad. Its adorable, I never get that reaction must be because he sees me all day :(!

This year is flying by! I am lucky that at the minute I am a stay at home mum so I get to watch him grow and learn. I would definitely miss his face.

Paige xx

Nursery Wish List.

I am finally getting round to sorting Archie's nursery! It has only taken us 7 months to get round to it whoops.. Archie's room is an awkward shape more of an L shape meaning that we have little room to do things. Of course as he grows and more little Radley's appear we will move him into the bigger bedroom, but for now its the perfect size for him. 

I thought I would share with you what I would like/love to do, whether it will happen is another story! 

Ikea Spice racks £3
I really want to add some book shelves to his room, this lad has hundreds of books. We collected them throughout my pregnancy and his grandparents buys them in bulk. They are currently sat on his windowsill collecting dust as we forget they are there. Awful parents I know. I am hoping to paint them white to go with the rest of his bedroom furniture. 

John Lewis 
We have two cot sheets which we are washing and drying, trying to make sure that he has a sheet on when he goes to bed. Which means I need to go shopping! I want to paint his room white and grey and these sheets will go perfectly! They are currently £20 from John Lewis. 

Teal Silver Grey Sapphire 

I keep throwing round ideas of colours for his room. I think these colours look prefect together but its finding the right way to use them and would they make the room look too dark? I suppose it will be trail and error and seeing what works best. 

Life after a baby.

When people say your life changes when you have a baby are not wrong. 

Before, me and my husband could disappear for a weekend, drink to the early hours and go here there and everywhere. As my husband would say 'We lived like Kings'. I'm not saying that as all stopped, I mean we still go everywhere and still try and go away for weekends whether that's to see family and friends or just for a mini holiday. However it takes a good week before we go anywhere just to pack and make sure we have everything. The car is usually packed high full of stuff we dont need or wont even use. 

Drinking till the early hours has now been replaced with trying to calm a screaming baby or drinking coffee at 5am not because I have a raging hangover but because my little one has decided that now is the time we must play. 

It takes us at least a good hour just to get out the house, if its not making the bottles its the fact my husband needs to wee for the 10th time that morning. Or Archie has decided that now is the time to vomit all over his clothes or he needs to have his nappy changed. 

This may all seem like moaning but I do really love being a parent. All the positive things outweigh the negative. Like for instance, Archie for the first time gave me a hug (I like to think it was and not him just face planting my shoulder). Or when they look all excited to see you in the morning. It makes my heart melt. 

My son has a very funny personality and certainly keeps us on our toes. 
Dont worry we moved he away ha!


How does your baby sleep? I can put Archie down and no doubt he will end up either facing the opposite way, on his side, laying face down. Its like he knows it will keep me up all night turning him back around or flipping him onto his back. I suppose as long as he is safe and comfortable it shouldn't matter lol. 

Product Review- Finding Nemo Jumperoo

So this weekend my son was spoilt by his Grandparents. I had complained about the prices of Jumperoos and whether they were actually worth the money. I had previously brought Archie a door bouncer but he has such little legs that he can't really use it. 

So my parents dragged us to Toys R Us to have a look. Now I hate spending loads of money in one go, it gives me a mini heart attack so I tend to steer away from big purchases. I convinced myself that this boy did not need one. So my parents being them took Archie away from me and started trying him out in the walkers. Now I can justify £30 so I was all ready walking to the till before they saw this beauty. 

My inner child came out and was like if I could fit in it I would be the one playing with it. However I am a fully grown adult so you know I had to hold in my screaming inner child. The one thing I hate about this product is the price tag.. £79 *cries inside*. 

It has 13 different toys and activities for little ones to play and interact with. It certainly looks overkill with all the toys. But Archie loves it. His little face lights up and he starts manically bouncing and throwing himself around. He is still a little small to actually be able to touch some of the toys. But he certainly gives it ago. I would definitely say it is worth the money, as you get a load of toys with it. Objects that light up, play muisc, things to touch and shake. I would say Archie can never get bored of it, it will get loads of use out of it. 

Archie loves to watch Jake from it lol
You can buy it from the link below!

*this review is in my own words, not gifted*

Etsy Buys

Etsy at the minute is my go to shop or market for Archie's clothes or accessories. It has the most adorable things and its usually ten times cheaper to buy than in most shops or supermarkets. 

Teds Apparel

I picked up some bargains as they were having a sale and I thought I would treat Archie to some new tops and leggings. You can never go wrong with more tops and the fact he looks even more adorable is a bonus... 

Leggins £3.99 Top £4.99

Top £4.99

Little Red Fox

I brought this gorgeous crown from them to help celebrate Archies 6 month birthday, (yes I'm that crazy mum that celebrates EVERYTHING). I thought that it would be a great and cute thing to use on birthdays. And it would hold special memories that we can look back on. 


I decided that Archie needed a baseball cap. I mean how stinking cute does the cat look. You can even personalise them with your little ones name! It's obviously to big for him, but I like to collect things/clothes for him to use when he is that little bit older.


Another hat. I buy too many hats for that lad! However I could not let this one pass and not buy it. It adds to any outfits and makes him look super cute. Who doesn't love a baby in hat with ears.


I am a sucker for etsy buys, I feel that alot more love and effort goes into hand made items. Which is your favourite shop, what do you buy for your little one?? 

Paige xx

That First Word

Archie has turned six months old and learning to say his first word *sob*. 

I thought I was ready for this however as soon as he started to say Dada it wasn't joy I was filled with but rather sadness. That sadness came and made me realise that my baby is growing up. Why does it go so quickly? I can remember being pregnant and counting down the days till we got to meet him. Now I am wishing the days would go a lot slower. 

No but really of course I am happy, very proud that he is learning quickly and starting to interact with his environment.